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Welcome to the Teche Canoe Club Web site. If your intrests lie in canoe or kayaking read on and see what we are all about.

We are a club of about 12 members consisting of individuals and families who do quite a large variety of paddling. We largely consist of calm water marathon racers with amature and professional ranks. In past years we've had half the members of the US Olympic Flatwater Team, Top five finishers in the Pro World Championships(Schiwigan) and consistantly a large contingent of National Marathon Champions over the years. The club has hosted the the United States Canoe Association (USCA) National Championships in 1978 and 1996, as well as the ACA National Sprint Championships in 1987. We also like to think of ourselves as a well rounded club with a good schedule of pleasure crusers, but this varies form year to year depending on intrest. Whatever your intrest, remember, wheither your trying to become a member of the olympic team or just trying to get across the lake to your favorite fishing spot, we can teach you how to get there with proper techenique and efficiency. So come along and enjoy whatever aspect of canoe and kayaking we can offer you.

The club publishes a cruise and race schedule every year with planned events at least once a month. The annual club fund raiser the Current Buster Canoe and Kayak Race held on the first weekend in may on the fox river in St. Charles. A monthly news letter is published to keep members up to date on various club activities.

Meetings for the club are held on the third Wednesday of each month. During the winter, the meetings are held indoors and include a speaker or demonstration of some kind. The summer meetings are held outdoors normally on or near the Fox River after practice near Pottawatomie Park in St. Charles.

Our training start as soon as we feel it safe to be on the water. Around the beginning of April we strat practicing. We meet weekly during training season for Wednesday Night Practice just above the St. Charles dam, behind the fire station. We try to launch boats for our practices at 6:00pm sharp. The seasoned paddlers travel upstream 7 to 9 miles during a workout practicing wake riding, starts, proper technique and generaly building a strong base of endurance. While our newcommers will either stay right in front of the launch site or begin to travel upstream with a veteran team at their side.

We believe that the camarotery of our club, with the group practices is often what creates a great athletes, not to mention great friends!!!

Weekends usually mean a Roadtrip to a nearby river race or a little longer trip to the pro races.

Whatever your preferance, just give it a go.