Current Buster Race

Saturday May 4, 2024    Pottawatomie Park, St Charles IL

Race Information

Come and challenge your canoe, kayak, sup, and rowing racing skills at the St Charles Canoe Club Current Buster Race at Pottawatomie Park, St Charles IL. There are morning and afternoon races. You bring a boat we will have a class for it. Registration is the day of race. The morning race starts at 9:30AM and the afternoon race starts at 1:30PM. (The race is only one day Saturday only) 

Race includes a short course for the Recreation Kayak Class and anyone who does not want to enter the long course. Short Course is 5 miles and the Long Course is 9 miles. All races begin and end at Pottawatomie Park no shuttling is required. Race is also open for rowing as well. We will add classes for other boat types as needed. The course is all deep water. (You will need to bring your own boat as rental boats are not officially available for the event) 

Registration cost is $20 for doing one or two races. Registration is done on the Day of the Race and opens at 8:00AM. Registration is in the pavilion just on the other side of the Minatare Golf coarse!

“You bring it we will have a class for it”   We look forward to seeing you!

Race Schedule

8:00AM - Registration Opens for Morning Race

9:15AM - Safety Meeting

9:30AM - Morning Race Starts

11:45AM - Awards for Morning Race 

Lunch break- (everyone is responsible for their own food)

12:00PM - Registration Opens for Afternoon Race

1:15PM - Safety Meeting

1:30PM - Afternoon Race Starts

3:45PM - Awards for Afternoon Race 

St Charles Park District Dock Side Party - (Food Tickets available)

 Race Contact Info

Race Boat Classes

Morning Race Classes

C1 Men*

C1 Woman

C1 Masters

C2 Jr* (Under 18 years old)

C2 Mixed*

C2 Standard*

K1 Downriver Kayak*

K1 Sea Kayak

K1 Olympic

K1 Open racing Kayak (any racing kayak)

Afternoon Race Classes

C2 Women *

Adult/Youth(>29,<15) *

Recreational/StockAlum -5 Mile

(non racing boats 1 or 2 person)

Short course SUP – 5 Mile (SUP – Stand Up Paddle)

Short course sea kayak -5 Mile*

C2 Men's*

C2 Master's (over 40)*

K2 open

Note: if you can't make it to the morning or after noon race with the proper class we will make a class for it at the other race. Again "You bring it and we will have a class for it."

Race Results

Current Buster Race Course

 Note: We may modify the course due to river conditions on the day of the race. Details will be at the Safety Meeting.

Start Line

The Starting line is straight out in front of the Registration tables. The starting line is about a couple hundred feet wide and is likely to be 5 to 7 feet deep at the line.

The Turn Around Island

The turn around point is after the large oxbow(big curve!). DO NOT turn around first the island at the beginning of the oxbow(check map!). The turn around island will have a marker buoy in plain site at the front of the island. We will also spell it out very clearly at the pre-race safety meeting.

The Finish Line

After a return trip back to the original starting line, paddlers will have traveled about a total of 9 miles after traveling up and back! The trip typically takes 1:30 to 1:45 depending on your class and the water level! (some years the "Current Buster" name is a very accurate description)! The finish has a double buoy turn for an exciting spectator finish! (See Map)

Full Course Black and White

Full Course Color