Winter Challenge

Challenge Dates - January 1, 2024 to March 31, 2024

Challenge Information

St Charles Canoe Club Winter Challenge!!!

Announcing the 2024 winter challenge, beginning January 1st and ending March 31st the St Charles Canoe Club is hosting it’s 2024 winter challenge event with the purpose of getting members and friends into an exercise or fitness routine in advance of the coming paddling season.  Certificates will be awarded based on attaining different levels, those being 25 miles for bronze, 50 for silver, 100 for gold and 200 for diamond.  Milage can be achieved by paddling, rowing, biking, swimming, cross country skiing, snow shoeing or walking, in most cases these can be done indoors (like a rowing machine) or outdoors.  There are adjustments to some of these activities such as biking in which case you will get credit for 25% of the activity or swimming where you will get a 300% credit, this is to help equalize the efforts. 

Stretching exercises are worth 1 mile per half hour.  (Please Enter the miles manually since the time entry is not automatic) 

Pickle Ball is worth 2 miles per half hour.  (Please Enter the miles manually since the time entry is not automatic) 

There is no cost to participate in the challenge. 

Good Luck 

To enter the challenge please click the button to fill out the entry form:

The challenge entry form asks for your Name, Boat Number, if you want your name on this website page, and email. We will send you the link to enter the activities. (This link is only to be used by people doing the challenge and it is not to be shared). Once we receive your form we will add your name to the list. (This part is manual so it will take some time for your boat number to appear on the list)

The following information is entered in the Activity Entry Form:

Miles can be taken from any GPS, machine display, or Fitness app. Here is the mile chart for Ferson Creek (Hopefully we can get some winter paddling in: Click Here for Mile Chart   

The total challenge miles will appear on this page on the website. Any questoins Email Jim at

Challenge Totals